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Real Estate

PARAGON brings you the best properties across the United Arab Emirates and facilitates buying, selling, leasing, and renting. Your property will be well managed in all aspects, including the Lease or Rent, collection of payments, Property Management, and the property’s repair and maintenance services throughout the year.

Paragon Group’s International Property Services provides exclusive services to its clients to find suitable investment opportunities In the United Arab Emirates and, by extension, the Middle East and Africa.

While UAE, in general, allows ownership of properties for foreign national resident ex-pats. From an investment perspective, Dubai is the investment capital of the Middle East and a prime real estate market that offers investors quality, standard, safety and value for money. Dubai is one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world, with 83% of its residents comprising foreign nationals. To its credit, Dubai is also considered one of the best tourism destinations globally, with an 8-10% annual growth of the travel and tourism industry. Dubai is also considered the travel and business hub in the Middle East, with a diversified social scene and a melting pot of many cultures with over 200 different nationals living in the city. Dubai, therefore, offers the most convenient, transparent, and safe investment opportunities to all.

Abu Dhabi, the Capital of United Aram Emirates, is another excellent location that provides greater investment opportunities to foreign national and resident ex-pats, including Real Estate.

A common feature in the Real Estate Investment for resident ex-pats and foreign nationals across UAE is that they could invest in FREEHOLD PROPERTIES in designated areas. Ownership of such properties ensures the exclusive right of the owner to buy, sell, rent or lease the property, both for residential and commercial purposes. The land of your until you sell it.

All property transactions in UAE are well regulated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in each emirate.

At PARAGON, we offer the following services to our Japanese Customers. 

a) Consultancy

We draw on the local industry knowledge, experience, and market trends of properties in the UAE and provide you with the best options.

We cover a wide range of properties, including the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Our consultancy covers all aspects of the investment, including property selection to investment, financial and legal aspects. 

b) Buying and or Selling

We facilitate buying and selling both ready and off-plan properties. We can advise you on the best time to buy and sell or find you, sellers and buyers. We handle all legal formalities on your behalf and give you a hassle-free service.

c) Asset Management

We manage your property in your absence, carrying out both leasing and rental by getting the right tenants, drawing up legal agreements, managing the property (24/7 operation and maintenance services), collecting and depositing payments for you.

d) Investments

We can also advise you on other investment opportunities in UAE through our network of professional, listed consultants.

With our business headquarters in Osaka, Japan, we will work as your trusted partner who is visible and present right in Japan. Our knowledge and understanding of the rich Japanese culture are inbuilt into our business to provide you with the services that would help us earn your trust and confidence as your trusted partner for investment in the United Arab Emirates.

PARAGON works with a well-established network of RERA approved, reputed, reliable developers and brokers in the UAE and can give our clients the most professional, customized service.

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